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The machinery for the food industry sector is characterized by the dynamism. Consumers needs change and so do marketing and formats in which products are presented. In this sense, it is a very broad sector too. Every day we see how purely traditional formats such as bottles, glass jars or metal jars live with some newer like bricks or pouches.  

This is also a world of continuous exchange. It is common for example to observe how meat or fish processes are inspired by other industries like fruits or vegetables, more experienced in canning, that had to reinvent themselves in the past to become more productive and achieve higher performance. Very interesting too is to see how the same application such as “filling a bottle” can change that much if we are dealing with water, milk, soft drinks, juice, beer or wine.

There is no way we can forget about learning. If we have something in common all the lovers of the food industry is that we don’t only see machines when we walk through the different areas when visiting a factory. All the time we get to see the solutions that lay behind them. The ideas of technical and maintenance managers, professionals that sometime encountered a problem and had to resolve it quickly to improve processes, time or productivity.

These solutions and developments happen in all the phases of product processing. Every phase entails specific challenges which we enjoy facing. How to improve the unloading and reception of food to shorten times? Which machines are safer for operators when preparing and cutting? What options do we have for the process and conditioning depending on the type of product? How do we organise the labelling, packing and end-of-line?

As you can gather, your sector is truly our passion. In Maquinaria Tomás Guillén we keep on learning and improving every day. We constantly learn from formats, products, professionals within the sector and each and every phase of the product phases. We love what we do and every new project is a new opportunity to grow, no matter if we work together in the installation of one machine, a production line or a complete factory. Thanks for the trust and the journey so far.

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